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Residence Casa Wabi, Oaxaca -México

Ayancuipan is the name of the collaborative project that is generated jointly with the band "La Encantadora Reina Chileña", composed of 18 young people from 11 to 20 years old in the town of Bajos de Chila, state of Oaxaca, Mexico. The band is formed by groups of clarinets, alto sax, tenor saxophone, trumpets, sausafones, trombones, tuba and percussion (combining hype and box as well as cymbal options). The project runs from February 15 to March 23, 2018, residing in Casa Wabi, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. The collaboration contemplated composing, rehearsing and recording a work specially written for the band. The composition is called Ayancuipan in Nahuatl (language of the Aztec Empire) could be translated as "again" or "do again", as it was generated from loops. The reasons for this determination are that the band is an itinerant band and part of its repertoire is interpreted by moving from one place to another, the loops being relatively simple can be memorized and interpreted in a relatively comfortable itinerant assembly repertoire, At the same time they allow to combine and generate a mobile temporary structure in comparison to a traditional piece, (being able to repeat sections and vary the structure live). Another advantage also from the technical aspect is that if one of the members of the band could not read the score, it could be taught by ear. Throughout the process, the community work team of the Casa Wabi Foundation, composed of Juan Pino and Gustavo Parra, who previously investigated the work of the bands that takes place in the nearby communes and linked it with the foundation, participates. Within the logistics and transportation is supported by Juan Eloy Salinas.

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