In his beginnings he studied classical and popular guitar, later; electric guitar, harmony and improvisation, focused on Jazz with Jorge Díaz. Then he studied composition and arrangements at the SCD Music School (Arcis University), then the Master of Arts in Musical Composition at the University of Chile and a degree in education at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


The year 2007 presents his thesis of degree "Improvisation guided in the multiplicity of timbres" (video). In 2012 he presented the master's thesis "Contemporary Jazz, a conceptual proposal". (Audio)


As a composer he has worked in dance, theater, audiovisual, film and different formats and / or platforms, as well as in production, arrangements and recordings. In cinema he worked for "You believe the most beautiful", "Ten days of winter" and "Piotr; a bad translation" (Best original music Pedro Sienna 2011)


In 2008, he worked with the Projazz Bigband and Gerhard Mornhinweg (its director) on the project "Chilean Repertoire for Big Bands" (Music Fund) assembling 9 original songs for this format, written by the composer, this year also the work " Three sections "was selected and performed in the New Assembly contest, of the Goethe Institute, in Chile, Latin America and Europe. In 2010, he works with the Conchalí Big band, writing the project "Chilean Repertoire For Big bands, children and youth", (Music Fund), 9 original songs performed by the band. In 2014, he works on the recording of "XXI", the first original music album by Conchalí Big Band and his project Electroensamble. The 2016 is installed in Calera de Tango for the realization of an artistic residence next to the School of Carnivals Calerinha ECC. The year 2017 it publishes for the seal Animals in the way next to Mapocho orchestra the disc "Trip to the interior". This same year prepares the audiovisual work Santiago Media, to be presented at the National Center of Contemporary Art of Cerrillos. 2018 is installed in Casa Wabi Oaxaca, Mexico in an artistic residence dependent on IBERMUSICAS, also at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

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